Early Head Start


United Way of Greater New Haven manages an Early Head Start program that provides full-day, full-year child care and comprehensive support services for 86 infants and toddlers and their families.  UWGNH works with a handful of community-based organizations to implement the program including All Our Kin and LULAC Head Start Inc.

Early Head Start was launched nationally in 1995 to provide comprehensive child and family development services for low-income pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers ages birth to three years.  The purpose of the program is to enhance children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development; to support parents’ efforts to fulfill their parental roles; and to help parents move toward self-sufficiency.

UWGNH is implementing Early Head Start because of the tremendous need for additional affordable infant and toddler care in New Haven.  We know that high-quality infant and toddler care greatly benefits children from low-income families, and enables parents to attend school or work.  The program is funded primarily through federal funds. 

To inquire about how to enroll your child in UWGNH's Early Head Start program, please contact:

All Our Kin
Student Parenting and Family Services
Elizabeth Celotto Child Care Center
Morning Glory Infant Toddler Center 
LULAC Head Start 
West Haven Child Development Center 
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