Economic Opportunity

United Way of Greater New Haven efforts focus on increasing the number of financially stable working families and individuals. In particular, we support services to help un- and under-employed people find and maintain jobs, particularly those who have barriers to employment such as homelessness or criminal history.

There is great urgency to improve the financial stability of families and individuals in our region right now; the statistics are daunting.  As of August 2012, the unemployment rate in New Haven was 13.3% with almost one-third of New Haven residents living in poverty. In addition, Connecticut’s median housing costs are the 6th highest in the nation, with more than one-third of New Haven households incurring housing costs greater than 30% of income (the percentage considered the standard for "affordability").  It's a combination that puts families throughout the region at risk of homelessness.  

Highlights of Our Work

Workforce Development.  United Way invests in skills development, transitional employment, and job placement programs that connect individuals to work.  Learn more. . .

SAM: Our Smart About Money program, known as SAM, helps people achieve their financial goals through one-on-one sessions with trained volunteer budget coaches. Together they work to change behaviors and help households attain long-term economic success. Read more about SAM

Housing: United Way works with partners to tackle critical housing-related issues, with a particular focus on preventing and ending homelessness. Read more about our housing work.


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