About Boost!

Boost! Schools are Changing the Odds by helping children be present and ready-to-learn.

We see a future where every child has the opportunity to achieve and to realize their potential.

Boost! is dedicated to the principle that children who are nurtured and supported will rise up and succeed in school and in life. It’s a new way of thinking about raising a student’s academic achievement through more than just providing additional math, literacy, and science. It’s about working with the student as a whole child, and about the community coming together to support children to ensure their success.

Boost! is a component of New Haven's nationally-lauded School Change Initiative, a comprehensive package of education reforms with ambitious goals:

•    Eliminating the achievement gap by raising test scores to the state average;

•    Cutting the high school dropout rate in half;

•    Ensuring every student is academically prepared and financially able to attend and succeed in college.

Boost! is a partnership between United Way of Greater New Haven, New Haven Public Schools, and the City of New Haven. The initiative currently serves 7,234 Boost! students in 16 schools.

Boost! schools are places where children and healthy, engaged and safe.


The Schools

Augusta Lewis Troup School
Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School
Celentano Museum Academy
Clemente Leadership Academy
Clinton Avenue School
High School in the Community
Hill Regional Career High School
King-Robinson School
Lincoln-Bassett School
John S. Martinez School
Metropolitan Business Academy
New Horizons
Quinnipiac School
Strong School
Truman School
Wexler-Grant Community School

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