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Understanding Urban Trauma in New Haven

Start the new year with an opportunity for learning, reflection, and action to address systemic racism.
May 4, 2021

January 6, 2021 - Dr. Akbar has shared two pre-work resources for you to review. These tools will provide a helpful framework as you are listening during the presentation:

Understanding Urban Trauma™ in New Haven – How Systemic Racism Impacts the Health, Education, and Financial Stability of Our Community on January 12, hosted by Women United and offered free of charge by United Way.

Dr. Maysa Akbar (Yale University School of Medicine & Integrated Wellness Group) will facilitate a training on her Urban Trauma™ framework that helps to explain the inherited and societal trauma that significantly impacts the lives of Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color. Through shared learning and actionable insights, you will leave with tools to identify and address systemic racism in your professional and personal life.

You should virtually attend if:

  • You want to have a deeper understanding of issues of racism and Urban Trauma™ in greater New Haven
  • You work with others who strive for a more equitable and financially stable community
  • You want to learn how these issues impact your work in greater New Haven and beyond
  • You want to better understand the root issues that motivate you to volunteer and get involved in the community

About Dr. Maysa Akbar

Dr. Maysa Akbar is a board-certified clinical psychologist and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University, School of Medicine. She is the CEO and founder of Integrated Wellness Group, psychotherapy practice specializing in treating race-based trauma since 2008. Dr. Akbar represents the American Psychological Association at the United Nations where she informs psychology practice within the international community. Dr. Akbar lives in New Haven with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she engages in meditation and yoga practices focused on healing and liberation from race-based trauma. Read more about Dr. Akbar here.

About Women United

Women United is United Way of Greater New Haven’s women’s leadership group. Members contribute time, energy and financial support to address the most pressing needs in the community with a focus on literacy, hunger and financial stability. Together, we harness our passion, power and leadership to change the lives of families in our region.

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