Corporate Volunteering

You and your co-workers make a difference.

Volunteering through the workplace benefits employees, corporations, and the community at large. Employees have the opportunity to put their skills and passion into action, companies demonstrate their collective citizenship, and lives improve. We all win when a child succeeds in school, when a family becomes financially stable, when people have good health.

Companies large and small work with United Way to identify how their employees can volunteer in our community to create change on issues we care about. Events can include:

Employees benefit by:

  • Building ties to the local community
  • Learning new skills, including leadership and supervision
  • Strengthening relationships with colleagues
  • Enhancing their relationship with and esteem for the company

Workplaces benefit by:

  • Gaining improved relations with members of their community
  • Learning about critical community issues
  • Building morale and sense of team spirit among employees
  • Enhancing their ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees

To find out more about corporate volunteer opportunities please contact: [email protected]

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